Earn A Certificate of Inclusion by participating in

Connecting Across Differences!


Would you like to have the ability to offer employees, board members, leaders, students, faculty, staff and/or volunteers the opportunity to earn either a Certificate of Inclusion or an Advanced Certificate of Inclusion.  If so, the Connecting Across Differences program is designed for you!These opportunities benefit organizations, and the people who make up the organizations. Make sure that you and/or your organization are poised for success as your customers, employees, students and their families continue to arrive from around the world or from as close as Los Angeles, Chicago or Raleigh. The Inclusion Certificate helps motivate participants to further reflect on their own cultural identity, empathize with others who are marginalized, understand implicit bias, embrace diversity with inclusive behaviors, prevent and resolve conflict, create a welcoming environment, and connect across differences.  In addition, this program will help document achievements for the organization as a whole, and for those who serve the organization.  The Inclusion Certificate itself is made to be frame-able and proudly displayed!

Training sessions are delivered by experienced, professional and diverse facilitators.  Workshops will typically have a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 25 to in order to enhance interaction and learning. These session will be tailored to the needs of your organization, campus or business.

Learning Objectives:

The learning objectives of both Inclusion Certificate programs include the following.  Participants will: 

  1. Increase knowledge of changing demographics
  2. Increase understanding of their own cultural identity and the impact it has on their life and community
  3. Learn to recognize implicit bias and inequities, as well as develop empathy for those who are marginalized
  4. Develop useful communication skills for meaningful cross-cultural interactions.  Understand your own style and how others may react to it and visa versa
  5. Gain confidence in one's ability to successfully connect across cultures, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other differences

In addition, the learning objectives for the Advanced Inclusion Certificate also includes the following. Participants will:

  1. Learn to how to identify the policies, procedures, practices, and privilege that may further marginalize members of specific groups
  2. Develop the confidence and know-how to interrupt conversations, which promote racism, ethnocentrism, and more "isms"
  3. Learn what allies are, and are not
  4. Understand the process of developing cultural competency and how to continue forward movement

Certificates Are Earned By:

  1. Engaging in a 3 hour introductory workshop, titled "Embracing Diversity with Inclusive Behaviors".  This sessions provides basic information about intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion that will be shared by all participants, and thus, promote on-going discussion and exploration.
  2. Choosing from a smorgasbord of workshops.  More specifically, to earn an Inclusive Certificate, participants will complete 3 two-hour workshops.  For an Advanced Inclusion Certificate participants will complete 6 two-hour workshops, two of which are designated as "Topical" sessions.  Providing a smorgasbord approach allows participants to select based on their specific interests and needs, and thus, increases motivation and improves outcomes. 

  3. Engaging in a one-hour wrap-up session, titled "Reflections and Revving Up".   Participants will be guided through a process of reflecting on their experiences and learnings. They also be provided with a variety of resources, and challenged to identify next steps in the life-long process of developing cultural competencies.

Additional recommendation:

Coordinating a Inclusion Certificate Ceremony is also an option that CFC staff will advise customers on and/or implement for the organization. Typically, it immediately follows the final session, described in #3 above and lasts approximately one hour. 

For more information contact Helen at Culture Friendly Consulting, LLC.  Helen will be able to provide you with a list of workshop offerings, pricing, and answer any questions you may have.