The CFC Listen and Learn Series is an opportunity to hear the increasingly diverse voices of various, often times marginalized, peoples and communities within the larger organizations and communities which we all belong to.  These panel discussions are one-hour long and designed so they can easily be turned into a lunch series or fit into departmental meetings.  Most importantly they are designed to connect people and communities across cultural, racial, nationality and other differences.  Panels, through the sharing of personal stories, expertise and perspectives, serve to help break down stereotypes, increase empathy and understanding, and ultimately connect people within organizations and/or communities within larger communities.

Panel Topics: You choose!

 Iowa City, IA             Photo by Helen

Iowa City, IA             Photo by Helen

  • African American Experiences

  • Asian-American Perspectives

  • Blended Families, Blended Identities

  • Cultures of Central and South Asia

  • Cultures of East and Southeast Asia

  • Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa

  • Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Gender Differences

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Identities

  • Latina/Latino Voices

  • Muslim Beliefs and Practices

  • Refugee Experiences

  • White Perspectives on Becoming Allies

  • Women in Leadership

Important issues of income level, educational attainment, and age differences will be woven throughout the topical sessions.  If you have recommendation for additional diversity and/or intercultural related topics, which might be addressed well by using a panel format, contact Helen for more information about CFC Listen and Learn programs.  We often tailor programs to specific needs and interests.